Xiamen's "Three High" Enterprises Timely Transform and Develop New Products to Seek Development

Publish Time: 2023-06-03
In addition to biopharmaceutical enterprises, in the face of the sudden epidemic, many "three high" enterprises in Xiamen have also responded quickly, transforming and developing new products in a timely manner, and seeking new development.
In the production workshop of Aipu Polarization Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., machines continuously produce goggles accessories, which are then assembled by workers. Previously, this was a company specializing in the production of polarizing lenses, with orders mainly for export. However, as the spread of the epidemic abroad intensifies, the company's orders have been severely affected. For this reason, the enterprise urgently undergoes product transformation and has added a production line for goggles. With the help of relevant government departments, the enterprise quickly transformed its production line, developed molds, and organized personnel. In just over ten days, it achieved mass production of goggles, with a daily output of 50000 pieces. The person in charge of the enterprise told the reporter that achieving product transformation in a short period of time is inseparable from the company's emphasis on independent research and innovation. Every year, their investment in research and development accounts for about 10% of the turnover.
Wu Jianbin, Executive Director of Aipu Polarization Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.: Whether it's in product development, equipment automation, and process optimization, I think we invest a lot in innovation. I think continuous innovation is the only way for enterprises to continue and develop better.
The outbreak of the epidemic also caused Xiamen Janson Electronics Co., Ltd. to encounter problems such as a significant decline in supporting business, difficulty in returning employees to Xiamen, and financial pressure. They are engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of relays, various switching power supplies, and control system products. Since the resumption of work, in addition to the relevant departments in our city actively helping them solve problems such as raw material supply, the enterprise has also adjusted its strategy in a timely manner to research and develop products in response to the significant increase in demand for smart home equipment market during the epidemic. It has launched intelligent electrical controllers and switch power products such as massage chairs and air purifiers, which have been favored by the domestic market. At the same time, enterprises have also taken the initiative to use live streaming platforms and traditional e-commerce to promote products and seek new breakthroughs in product sales.
Duan Zhiqin, Chairman of Xiamen Janson Electronics Co., Ltd.: Since March this year, the promotion of products has achieved preliminary results, and we will continue to work harder in this area

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