How to easily enjoy professional coffee making experience with Semi automatic intelligent coffee machine?

Publish Time: 2024-04-24
Semi automatic intelligent coffee machine provides the convenience of easily enjoying a professional-grade coffee making experience. Here are some ways:

Choose high-quality coffee beans: Choosing freshly roasted, high-quality coffee beans is the first step to making delicious coffee. Different coffee beans have different flavor characteristics, so choose the right beans according to your personal taste.

Grind the appropriate powder: Adjust the grinding powder of the coffee beans according to the selected coffee beans and production method. For semi-automatic coffee machines, finer coffee powder is usually required to ensure full contact between water and coffee and extract rich coffee aroma and taste.

Control water temperature and pressure: Make sure the water temperature and pressure of the coffee machine are within the appropriate range. Generally speaking, a water temperature between 90°C and 96°C and a pressure of about 9 bar are ideal conditions for making high-quality coffee.

Master the extraction time: Controlling the extraction time of coffee is one of the keys to making rich-tasting coffee. Generally speaking, espresso extraction time is 25 to 30 seconds, while long coffee extraction time can be slightly longer.

Practice manual adjustments: Although it is a semi-automatic coffee machine, manually adjusting the water flow, extraction time and amount of coffee beans are important factors that affect the taste of coffee. Through practice and debugging, master how to adjust these parameters to achieve the ideal coffee taste.

Keep it clean: Clean all parts of your coffee machine regularly, especially parts like the filter basket, water tank, and spray head. Cleaning ensures the taste and hygiene of your coffee.

Try different coffee recipes: Use the flexibility of a semi-automatic coffee machine to try different coffee recipes and brewing methods, including espresso latte cappuccino etc. to meet the needs of different tastes.

Through the above methods, you can easily use the Semi automatic intelligent coffee machine to make professional-level coffee and enjoy the quality and taste.

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